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In order to match the consistency in Australia, China and Bahrain, we gathered data totaling 267 LAPS or more from SRJF 2017 OPED and matched physics with comparison with actual video.

The total of that distance exceeds 1391 Km, I think that the accuracy has increased significantly. These are analyzed in the MOTEC file and are strictly adjusted.

MOD contains everything including SKIN template.(I replaced it with a file that applied a bug fix at 2017/4/28 GMT 13:00 )Difference file

I do not want to express Fomula 1 game, but I'm preparing "easily made" coloring.

  • SRJ SRJ NIGHT PACK created a weather file that reproduced the atmosphere at night and a lighting object on the existing course. In line with that, we made material settings for Bahrain and Singapore. It is a course pack including them. It is adjusted to be done under bright illumination such as F1. The color of sky etc is linked with the clock in AC. I assume it is about + 10 hours of time setting in AC.

    The above NIGHT PACK is a weather file and right.kn5, right2.kn5 are "I create the original".Bahrain is"this" An original file was added to this, and appropriate reflection setting was applied.The track name was Bahrain Grand Prix Nigth and it is separated from the daytime thing that can be downloaded.
    Singapore has written as acu_singapore, but I am not sure because DL destination was uploaded at YOUTUBE.This is because there were originally day and night files, so we adjusted the light source setting etc. only at night. This is overwritten if you originally have acu_singapore. There is a possibility that the frame rate will drop because there are many light source processes in either case. In that case please lower the graphic setting or give up. Since it becomes secondary distribution, we do not accept any questions etc. about the course at all.